Osaka Free Guide

1. About Osaka Free Guide

Osaka Free Guide, preferred as OFG, is a volunteer guide group to encourage more people to know more about Japan and Osaka, and Japanese culture and culture of Osaka.

2. Our Guides

•Members of OFG and OFG guides are volunteers who provide a free guide service with their goodwill. OFG members and OFG guides are all local residences. It means if any of our guide do not have availability on the date you request, you may not have a guide. Please note it.

• All of our guide is also non-licensed guide. We do not book a hotel, the tickets of an event, and other reservations instead of you. Please make a reservation by yourself.

• The members and guides will do the best based on your itinerary and information provided when you request.

•We accept the request for the big group, but we may divide your group to some smaller groups if your group is large.


3. Costs

OFG members and OFG guides are all volunteers, but we are all cost-covered guides. OFG asks you to cover expenses of your guide. (A word "guest" means "tourist" or "those who request OFG guide service and have a guide) If you cannot afford for our guide, please let us know when you send your request.

• TRAVEL EXPENSE: Guests are asked to pay travel expense during the tour. That must be the fee of the public transportation such as bus, train, other public transportation.

• ADMISSION FEE: OFG members and OFG guides hold the GoodWill card and they can enter most of the tourist attractions by showing their card. Please check your guide about more detail.

• MEALS during the tour. You have lunch, snacks, or dinner with your guide during the tour. You are asked to pay for your guide.


4. Inappropriate Conduct

OFG and its guides reserve the terminated guide service at any point during the tour if the guest(s) exhibit any of the following behavior:


•SEXUAL BEHAVIOR or advances


•ANY CONDUCT, BEHAVIOR, OR ACTION that the guides feel uncomfortable behavior, inappropriate, or offensive, or reflects poorly for his/herself or OFG.


5. Liability

OFG and its guides are not responsible for any illness, injuries, lost, or any damages by the guests while using our service.


6. Right to refuse the service

•OFG can refuse to offer its services and/or terminate its services to the guest(s) at any point for the following reasons:

• The guest(s) provide(s) false information through the application form when requesting a guide and/or e-mail exchanges with OFG or the guide(s).

• The guest(s) cannot earn profit from OFG service. You do not attempt to earn or get profit from the service.

• The guest(s) request(s) to engage in "sexual tourism" in any form or fashion.

• The guide(s) may cancel appointments with due notice if unavoidable reasons or extreme circumstances (e.g., extreme weather conditions, natural disaster, a typhoon etc.) occur.


7. Cases Unable to Provide the Guide

In some cases, OFG cannot provide the guides with the following reasons.

•OFG get too many requests, or

•OFG has the short of availability of the guides.


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Osaka Free Guide Management Team

Terms and Conditions